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Teachers Development
#Novice Teachers STEAM: Professional development of novice teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics

Executed by:

Education Training Council

Granted amount:

USD 25,000




Skills Strengthening
This project promotes, strengthens and consolidates science education in secondary education in Uruguay, through the professional development of novice teachers (those with less than 5 years of practice) who work in vulnerable context schools. The STEAM approach seeks to promote a genuine and contextualized scientific culture, stimulating the interest of children and teens, through the development of cognitive skills typical of scientific thinking such as problem solving, creativity and critical thinking. In addition, it promotes the development of teamwork skills, and favors the understanding of everyday life issues, especially through the relationship with the arts and humanities, seeking a scientific education with social and cultural significance. In 2024, the project will be implemented in schools in the metropolitan area (Montevideo and Canelones) and Rivera (a region bordering Brazil).
This project is funded by the Embassy of the United States of America.

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