Fundación ReachingU is a transparent and pluralistic organization, made up of people of all ages, with different beliefs, political ideas, and creeds, who work selflessly to improve the education of the underprivileged in Uruguay.

All Fundación ReachingU volunteers dedicate professional and personal skills, time and material resources to work for the organization. In addition, they help strengthen and expand contact networks, bringing new volunteers and donors.

“My motivation is the vision of the organization, its constant search for new challenges/opportunities to improve the quality of life of Uruguayan children, the possibility of doing our share to give them a better future, and the excellent group of people with whom we work weekly.

I am fully convinced that the starting point of any change/development is education.”

Valentina Olivella

Volunteer in Montevideo

“What I value most about ReachingU is that it is continually built on the heart and soul effort and passion of the volunteers, the directors and a small highly qualified and devoted staff.”

Denisse Norman Stainfeld

Volunteer in New York

“The transparency and responsibility of the teams managing the funds and projects in Montevideo are also fundamental for me. I know firsthand the hard work accomplished by everyone, the impact of the implementation of the programs and their follow-up”

Blanca Sapelli

Volunteer in Miami



Cecilia Bergengruen
Cecilia Orlando
Daniela Bianchi
Florencia Martinelli
Florencia Seré
Inés Labat
Macarena Castellanos
Magdalena Pol
María Valdés
María Noel Coates
Matías Bergengruen
Paulina Fernández
Tati Paz
Valentina Dabezies
Valentina Olivella

New York City


Ana Bluth
Ana Laura Cooney
Anahí De Canio
Cristina Weisz
Denisse Norman Stainfeld
Gonzalo Bava
Lucía Echenique Fossati
Natalia Toyos
Rocío Raña
Sofía Mannocci
Sylvia Gross



Blanca Bergengruen
Gimena Pereyra
Guadalupe Martínez
María Eugenia Vilar del Valle

Washington DC


Lucía López