Our foundations

We believe

in the role of civil society as an agent of change

We work

to improve the educational quality of public and private schools

We mobilize

resources from businesses and individual donors to sponsor programs that target Uruguay’s most underprivileged populations

What we do

Raise funds

We raise funds to sponsor programs, at times in their initial stages, pushing for innovation and the improvement of the processes and education methods employed.


We bridge donors to a diverse portfolio of programs that target the most disadvantaged populations in Uruguay (low education and low income) from 0 to 18 years old.

Select programs

A través de un riguroso proceso, seleccionamos cuidadosamente proyectos educativos que trabajan en los principales desafíos que enfrenta la educación uruguaya.

Our value added

A systemic perspective and impact

Since we work with the main actors in Uruguay’s education ecosystem, through our portfolio of programs, our donors can impact vulnerable populations in all of Uruguay.

Investment based on strategic areas

Our program portfolio is selected based on criteria defined by data analysis, sector trends, educational public policy guidelines together with the advice of national and international experts.

Accountability during the entire process

Each of the programs in our portfolio is monitored periodically to ensure compliance with the previously agreed objectives and the efficient use of funds.

Más de 20 años de experiencia

Desde 2001, Fundación ReachingU ha crecido y se ha consolidado como una organización de referencia y uno de los principales financiadores de programas educativos en Uruguay.


Our financial statements are audited every year and comply with all applicable U.S. laws and regulations.


We have a Board of outstanding professionals committed to our sustainability and a staff with proven expertise in education and fundraising.

Our portfolio
of programs

Our intervention model combines direct funding and co-creation of programs, as well as institutional strengthening and extended access to knowledge.
All programs are selected transparently, assessing the variables of the programs, attributes of the organizations and strategic axes defined by Fundación ReachingU.




1. Program variables

Programs are chosen based on the territorial coverage they would provide to the vulnerable populations in Uruguay, the articulation with other relevant actors in each area, their scalability, and the fact of being impact-oriented.



Replicability and scalability

Depth and orientation to impact





Pedagogical and didactic soundness

Coherence of the proposal

Adequate budget

2. Atributes of organizations

The organizations that apply must meet several requirements, including, but not limited to an experienced management team, clear accountability, and transparency, agility and adaptability at work.

Gobernance and management team

Transparency and accountability

Agility and adaptability

Sustainability and efficient management of resources

Evaluation of results and knowledge management

Sistemic perspective

Technical and professional quality