What we do


We create educational opportunities for Uruguay’s most vulnerable kids to reach their full potential.

Our value added

Niña sonriendo

A systemic perspective and impact

Since we work with the main actors in Uruguay’s education ecosystem, through our portfolio of programs, our donors can impact vulnerable populations in all of Uruguay.

Evidence-based investing

Our program portfolio is selected based on criteria defined by data analysis, sector trends, educational public policy guidelines together with the advice of national and international experts.

Accountability during the entire process

Each of the programs in our portfolio is monitored periodically to ensure compliance with the previously agreed objectives and the efficient use of funds.

Over 20 years of experience

Since 2001, Fundación ReachingU has grown and evolved to consolidate itself as a reference organization and one of the main funders of educational programs in Uruguay.


Our financial statements are audited every year and comply with all applicable U.S. laws and regulations.


We have a Board of outstanding professionals committed to our sustainability and a staff with proven expertise in education and fundraising.