EduTech/Early Childhood Development
Promotion of childhood development within the family context through personalized digital notifications based on the INDI results

Program executed by:

Universidad de la República (CICEA-EI / Facultad de Psicología)

Amount granted:

USD 12,321


Level 4 children at kindergartens across the country


1: Research projects applied to educational contexts
Development, implementation and evaluation of a program to encourage school readiness among families. The beneficiaries will be reached in their homes through digital notifications sent to the family; and the messages will be personalized based on each child’s development profile obtained from INDI (development assessment tool in teaching settings at early education levels 3, 4 and 5). In 2023, the research team will work throughout the national territory, forming 3 population groups according to the type of notification they will receive: personalized, general and control group. The team will evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions during the school year and during the summer, expecting to observe a positive impact on children's cognitive development and concluding whether the intervention is most beneficial when administered at specific times of the year or in an extended way.

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