Tutoring Programs
Future Graduates – Maldonado

Program executed by:

Asociación Civil América - Cimientos Uruguay

Amount granted:

USD 4,968


5 students


2: Programs to be implemented in a center or educational community
Personalized student coaching to strengthen their academic performance and help them complete the 3rd cycle of Integrated Basic Education -EBI- (current levels 7 to 9, formerly known as Basic Cycle of Secondary Education). Meetings are attended by an adult responsible for each student, to help them achieve the goals defined each month. The students also receive a monthly grant to cover education expenses, to counter another potential reason for dropping out. The program also includes group work.
We are grateful for the support of the following donor to finance this program:

The amount indicated as granted to each program is the one approved by Fundación ReachingU Board of Directors. The funds that each organization receives may differ due to adjustments made to the programs or variations in the exchange rate.