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Achimpa Atelier
Asociación Civil Obsur
675 children and 120 educators from 15 CAIF centers
USD 33,257
Achimpa Atelier implements an itinerant workshop to train teachers that work with 0-3 year-old children. The atelier is a space designed to deploy competences in their three dimensions (cognitive, attitudinal and instrumental) since it promotes playing, bonding, exploring the world, acquiring knowledge and enhancing expression skills. The project seeks to contribute to a better quality of education, favoring the implementation of innovative practices at centers that receive 0 to 3-year-olds from socially vulnerable backgrounds.

The amount indicated as granted to each program is the one approved by Fundación ReachingU Board of Directors. The funds that each organization receives may differ due to adjustments made to the programs or variations in the exchange rate.