Teacher training
Master’s degree in Educational Management (2nd year courses for the graduates of the Certification program in Educational Planning and Management in the framework of deep learning)

Program executed by:

Universidad ORT Uruguay

Amount granted:

USD 33,195


25 education professionals


2: Programs to be implemented in a center or educational community
The Master in Educational Management is a postgraduate course designed for those who are interested in participating or leading processes of improvement and organizational transformation, with a focus on educational centers. It seeks to generate and strengthen the competencies associated with leadership and the management of intra- and inter-institutional teams. It also proposes to integrate a set of knowledge and tools to understand, design and lead processes linked to current educational organizations, from a strategic and communicative perspective. The master's degree is aimed at administrators, educational managers, teachers and specialists in education or other related disciplines. The Fundación ReachingU scholarships are awarded to graduates of the Diploma in Educational Planning and Management.

The amount indicated as granted to each program is the one approved by Fundación ReachingU Board of Directors. The funds that each organization receives may differ due to adjustments made to the programs or variations in the exchange rate.