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Promoting good parenting practices and strengthening family ties in early childhood centers
Universidad de Montevideo, Universidad Católica del Uruguay and Fe y Alegría Uruguay.
700 preschool kids and 100 teachers
USD 21,803
to be determined
This program focuses on the development of good parenting practices. Through a brief, intensive, preventive family intervention which follows a strict protocol family ties are strengthened, and consequently the full development of children in their cognitive, socio-emotional and physical dimensions occurs. The program takes place in CAIF Centers (Centros de Atención a la Infancia y la Familia). In 2021, 182 professionals from Uruguay Crece Contigo (Uruguay grows with you, UCC), a program for early childhood of the Ministry of Social Development, and almost 70 from Plan CAIF (early childhood public centers) will be trained. The objective of this year is to train, disseminate and assist in the implementation of the project within UCC.

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