Some of the photos on display are prior to the pandemic

Tutoring at Los Tréboles Education Center
Centro Educativo Los Tréboles
40 adolescents
USD 10,000
salaries of the three tutors and coordinator, and internet connection fees
Adolescents that attend the Los Tréboles Youth Center receive personalized 90-minute coaching sessions twice a week. Three experienced tutors will oversee the coaching, assisted by 10 volunteers (previously trained for this role) and a coordinator, who organizes, articulates and supports the team. The plan is to have in-person activities (local sanitary conditions permitting); otherwise, the coaching sessions will be conducted online.

The amount indicated as granted to each program is the one approved by Fundación ReachingU Board of Directors. The funds that each organization receives may differ due to adjustments made to the programs or variations in the exchange rate.