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¡Yo apruebo!(I pass!)
Centro Educativo Talitakum
40 adolescents
USD 9,840
salaries for the teacher, pedagogical coordinator and psychosocial team, four tablets and two laptops, license of the educational platform CheckUY, internet connection, and administrative and stationery expenses.
The program Yo apruebo (I pass!) provides guidance, personalized coaching and pedagogical support through face-to-face and virtual tutorials in differential spaces. It improves the participants’ learning, promotes a renewed engagement with schools and helps students pass their exams. It provides personalized and comprehensive coaching to vulnerable adolescents at the brink of dropping out or flunking their formal education. This hybrid modality consists of telephone and/or video calls, audiovisual aids, interaction in a virtual platform and face-to-face classes.

The amount indicated as granted to each program is the one approved by Fundación ReachingU Board of Directors. The funds that each organization receives may differ due to adjustments made to the programs or variations in the exchange rate.