Annual Report

Letter from the Chairman of the Board and the Executive Director

20 years building bridges

Dear friends of the Fundación ReachingU,

In 2021 we celebrated our 20 th anniversary and this milestone gave us many reasons to celebrate. But in 2021 we also faced the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that continued to exert its devastating effect on the populations supported by us.

We decided to celebrate our first 20 years by engaging more than ever with our mission and focusing our efforts in the areas of education that we considered to be most pertinent:

  • Training for teachers, educators, and principals
  • Personalized mentorship and tutoring programs
  • Personalized mentorship and tutoring programs
  • Social and emotional learning

After 20 years of uninterrupted work, Fundación ReachingU plays a relevant role within the world of educational philanthropy in Uruguay. However, the challenges clearly show that there is still a long way to go and lots of space to grow. 

We seized the opportunity of our 20 year anniversary to review the path we had traveled and to redefine our purpose. This was a very enriching process that resulted in a strategic plan for the next
5 years.

Our goal for 2025 is to consolidate our position as an organization that develops high-impact educational programs, and also that identifies and articulates pedagogically robust solutions which are effective, replicable, and scalable in the face of Uruguay’s pressing educational challenges.

An intervention model that combines direct funding, co-creation of programs, institutional strengthening, articulation, and access to knowledge will allow us to achieve our goals.

This work will be coordinated by an extended team that we will introduce in this annual report. We want to keep on growing to continue to be a fundamental agent in Uruguayan education.

We hope we can count on all of you
to make it possible. 

Thank you once again for your commitment to Fundación ReachingU.


Value added

Our intervention model combines direct funding and co-creation of programs, as well as institutional strengthening and extended access
to knowledge.

All programs are selected transparently, assessing the variables of the programs, attributes of the organizations and strategic axes defined by Fundación


Program variables


Programs are chosen based on the territorial coverage they would provide to the vulnerable populations in Uruguay, the articulation with other relevant actors in each area, their scalability, and the fact of being impact-oriented.


  1. Territoriality
  2. Articulation
  3. Leverage
  4. Replicability and scalability
  5. Innovation
  6. Scope
  7. Sustainability
  8. Replicability and scalability/li>
  9. Pedagogical and didactic soundness
  10. Coherence of the proposal
  11. Adequate budget


Attributes of organizations


The organizations that apply must meet several requirements, including, but not limited to an experienced management team, clear accountability, and transparency, agility and adaptability at work.


  1. Governance and management team
  2. Transparency and accountability
  3. Sustainability and efficient management of resources
  4. Technical and professional quality
  5. Evaluation of results and knowledge management
  6. Systemic perspective
  7. Agility and adaptability


Strategic areas


In 2022 we will articulate the programs along five strategic areas, seeking to positively impact public policies and the quality of education at all levels.


  1.  Edutech
  2. Tutorius Network
  3. Principal and teacher training
  4. Early Childhood
  5. STEAM

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2021 Program Portfolio

2021 Programs

DDuring 2021 we worked with 27 organizations and financed 34 programs aimed at improving the education of more than 5,000 students (preschoolers, schoolchildren and adolescents) and educators. This includes both programs in our portfolio (approved by the Board) and earmarked donations.







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20 years

In 2001, a group of Uruguayan friends, living in the USA, had a dream: to help
their country despite being far away.

That’s how Fundación ReachingU was born: from a dream.
A dream of building bridges and bringing opportunities to those who needed them the most in Uruguay. More than 20 years later, the dream remains intact, but the path traveled has taken us very far.


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Other programs funded

Teacher Prize

2022 ReachingU National Teacher Prize, local version of the Global Teacher Prize (Varkey Foundation).

Earmarked donations

Earmarked donations are donations where the donor chooses the program to be funded. They require board approval and must be aligned with Fundación ReachingU’s purpose.
In 2022, we are channeling donations to MIT ReACT Uruguay, Ánima, Bachillerato, Tecnológico, Escuela Nacional de Música del SODRE, Asociación Civil Hogar La Huella, Centro Educativo Los Tréboles, Centro Educativo Los Pinos and Asociación Civil América – Cimientos Uruguay.

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