Tutoring: three new educational programs to be funded in 2021
Published on: July 30, 2021
tutoría con alumnos

In 2021 Fundación ReachingU will fund three tutoring programs executed by the Los Tréboles Education Center, Enseña Uruguay and the Talitakum Center.

These are the three winning proposals of our special call for proposals responding to the additional challenge posed by an additional new suspension of in-person classes in 2021.

The funds will be used to fund tutoring programs and personalized coaching of junior high school students from vulnerable contexts.

We thank all the applicants for the 23 proposals we received. They are a powerful testament of the non-profit sector’s huge commitment to support our youth.


Los Tréboles Education Center
Los Tréboles Tutoring

Adolescents that attend the Los Tréboles Youth Center receive personalized 90-minute coaching sessions twice a week. Three experienced tutors will oversee the coaching, assisted by 10 volunteers (previously trained for this role) and a coordinator, who organizes, articulates and supports the team. The plan is to have in-person activities (local sanitary conditions permitting); otherwise, the coaching sessions will be conducted online.
Program implemented by: Centro Educativo Los Tréboles
Beneficiaries: 40 adolescents
Amount awarded: USD10,000
Start of support: 2021
Destination of funds: salaries of the three tutors and coordinator, and internet connection fees.

Asociación Civil Enseña Uruguay
Espacio de Apoyo Educativo

Students from vulnerable contexts will receive support from teachers of Enseña Uruguay, who are already qualified for this task. The program participants are high school students who lost many hours of class during the pandemic because they did not have a device or had internet problems at home. Many of these students require curricular adjustments and have pending exams and overdue subjects, as well as significant performance gaps. The teachers of Enseña Uruguay provide support classes and personalized teaching. The beneficiaries are students from public high schools No. 25 and No. 45, the Don Bosco Vocational School, and two schools in Casavalle, (Centro Educativo Comunitario de Casavalle and Centro Educativo Asociado de Casavalle.
Program implemented by: Asociación Civil Enseña Uruguay
Beneficiaries: 300 adolescents
Amount awarded: USD10,000
Start of support: 2021
Use of funds: salaries of 10 teachers and one Project coordinator, plus materials.

Centro Educativo Talitakum
I Pass!

The program Yo apruebo (I pass!) provides guidance, personalized coaching and pedagogical support through face-to-face and virtual tutorials in differential spaces. It improves the participants’ learning, promotes a renewed engagement with schools and helps students pass their exams. It provides personalized and comprehensive coaching to vulnerable adolescents at the brink of dropping out or flunking their formal education.
This hybrid modality consists of telephone and/or video calls, audiovisual aids, interaction in a virtual platform and face-to-face classes.
Program implemented by: Talitakum Education Center
Beneficiaries: 40 adolescents
Amount awarded: USD9,844
Start of support: 2021
Destination of the funds: salaries for the teacher, pedagogical coordinator and psychosocial team, four tablets and two laptops, license of the educational platform CheckUY, internet connection, and administrative and stationery expenses.

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